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Looking for Groom
Ref No: 23484 Age: 28 Posted Date: 25 Mar 2018

Syrian Christian Marthomite parents settled in the USA is seeking for a groom for their daughter who is 28 years old, 5ft 3in tall, slim and studying masters degree to be a teacher in the mid-west. Born in India and brought up in the US from a young age, she enjoys both eastern and western cultures. She is God fearing and loves family and the community. Parents are looking for a suitable boy, preferably of similar background from the US. Interested parties, please contact.
Contact: Email: malayilzeena@hotmail.com / Phone: (+1) 630-802-5736

Ref No: 23483 Age: 30 Posted Date: 18 Nov 2017

US settled Indian Orthodox parents invite proposals for their daughter, slim, 30 years old, 5ft2in(158cms) tall, US MD practising in Northeast from parents of Christian boys in the US. Please contact.
Contact: Email: Maneedman@gmail.com /

Ref No: 23482 Age: 26 Posted Date: 30 Oct 2017

Indian Orthodox parents settled in the US invite suitable alliance for their daughter, who is 26 years, 5ft 2in tall, fourth year US MD student, US citizen from parents of Orthodox or other Christian denominations. Interested parties, please respond to the email.
Contact: Email: rpc568354@gmail.com /

Ref No: 23481 Age: 25 Posted Date: 12 Sep 2017

Indian Orthodox Parents settled in Canada is looking for a groom for their daughter, who is 25 years old 5ft3in tall, fair and Kinesiology (Hons.) graduate currently working in Human Resource. Proposals are invited from suitable boys who are professionally qualified with similar background, preferably from USA or Canada. Please contact for details. m.g.abraham@hotmail.com
Contact: Email: m.g.abraham@hotmail.com /

Ref No: 23480 Age: 30 Posted Date: 28 Jul 2017

Marriage proposals are invited for a 30 year old, fair and beautiful girl born and raised in Saudi Arabia till 14 years and then relocated to USA. She completed BS in biology, and BS in nursing in the USA. Currently she is working as a registered nurse and pursuing her Masters degree. Parents are searching for a Christian partner from the USA or Canada. Interested parties, please contact.
Contact: Email: lizujacob@gmail.com / Phone: (+1) 832-866-5903

Ref No: 23479 Age: 28 Posted Date: 21 Jun 2017

Contact: Phone: 944 620 0958 OR 0481 250 5012 /

Ref No: 23478 Age: 29 Posted Date: 31 May 2017

Marthomite parents seeking alliance from suitable Bridegroom of Orthodox or Marthomite family with God fearing, well employed, well educated for their daughter 29 yrs, 5ft 3in, fair, slim, MBA-Finance working in an Engineering firm in Abu Dhabi. (M4Marry ID - 4180306 ) Interested parties please contact.
Contact: Phone: (+971) 50-3181717 or 052 8306200 /

Ref No: 23477 Age: 29 Posted Date: 16 May 2017

Orthodox parents from Central Travancore seek suitable alliance for our God fearing daughter: 29 years old; slim; medium complexion; height: 154 cms; education: M.A. - from parents of educated, preferably Orthodox boys. (M4 #4283403). Interested parties, please contact.
Contact: Email: thomaskuruvilla2607@gmail.com /

Ref No: 23476 Age: 26 Posted Date: 02 May 2017

Indian Orthodox Parents is looking for a groom for their daughter, who is 26 years old 5ft3in tall. We are settled in Canada and belong to a reputed and educated family. Our daughter is completed two year Strategic Management course and is currently working full time. She is God fearing, compassionate, and homely. She loves family and the community. We are looking for a groom who has similar background, preferably from USA, Canada, India or UAE. Please contact for details.
Contact: Email: kpsds5699@gmail.com / Phone: (+1) 780 756 3695

Ref No: 23475 Age: 24 Posted Date: 09 Apr 2017

Orthodox parents from Central Travancore seek suitable alliance for our daughter: 24 years old, fair, Height 167cms, M.com, from parents of educated, preferably Orthodox boys. (M4 # 4329604). Please contact.
Contact: Email: mamptho@gmail.com /

Looking for Bride
Ref No: 2472 Age: 27 Posted Date: 29 Nov 2017

Orthodox parents from Central Travancore invite suitable proposals for their son, 27, 165 cm, M.Tech (Mech) currently working in Toronto, Canada and holding Canadian PR status. Looking for a bride (Age group 21 25) from similar family background, simple, God fearing, family oriented and willing to relocate to Canada. For more details, please contact.
Contact: Email: gbap0907@gmail.com /

Ref No: 2471 Age: 29 Posted Date: 11 Jul 2017

Suitable alliance invited from parents of Christian Orthodox / Jacobite / Marthomite daughters for my son, 29 Yrs., 5ft 8in (173cm), B.Com, MBA(Finance) and currently working as an Accountant in a reputed Insurance Company in Abu Dhabi U.A.E. Our Family Background: We are an upper middle class, God fearing, Orthodox, nuclear family hailing from Meenadom, Kottayam Dist., Kerala. Currently working as Technician in a Semi- Government Organization in Abu Dhabi. My wife is an Insurance Specialist working in the same firm. We have an elder daughter who is a Cost Control Eng. in a reputed French oil Co. and her husband is working as sales manager in a Government Telecommunication Co. in Abu Dhabi. They are blessed with a beautiful daughter. Preferred Partner Details We are looking for a bride from similar family background who is simple at heart with modern outlook, fun and family loving, active church goer & having independent thought and opinions. We are looking forward receiving proposals who are well qualified & settled in UAE and /or India. Should you be interested in this profile, please contact.
Contact: Phone: (+971) 50- 580 7313 or (+971)2-641 5484 / Email: babualakka@yahoo.com

Ref No: 2470 Age: 32 Posted Date: 25 Apr 2017

Proposals are invited for Orthodox young man 32 Years old, 6ft 1in tall, 177 lbs, born and brought up in the US. He is a US educated Physician, working in San Francisco, interested in meeting a girl taller than 5ft4in, educated in the US and preferably living in California. Please contact for details.
Contact: Email: stbsts19@gmail.com /

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